Zip Lines, Sprained Ankles, Homeschool Battles- Oh MY!

My poor, sad, neglected blog, one day I will get back to normal posting. Summer flew by so quickly I could barely settle from our trip to Maryland. We had visitors, did many things, sprained an ankle, froze many pounds of fish…it was a glorious couple of months.

Yes, I did say sprained ankle. Caroline and I went zip lining in Talkeetna.  Zip lining…hanging up in the air flying at breakneck speed on a tiny wire! I do my adventures between pages of books people! I was apprehensive at best, but I shoved that fear down and went anyway. Tim assured me I would have fun and it would be a great way to overcome my fear of heights. (In retrospect, Tim I am never taking your advice again, you’re nuts!) After all, what can happen on a zip line?! On our third zip as I was being unhooked and stepping down (from a highly unstable log I might add) I rolled my ankle very badly. How bad can a sprained ankle be? Apparently worse than all my others because I straight up passed out. Thank goodness for the harness holding us onto the platform because I am really good at scaring people! On the plus side I think Caroline wants to be a nurse and she still got to go see mountains and whales and otters even though I couldn’t hike or walk.  The injury didn’t seem too bad once I woke up and there wasn’t any swelling until about an hour later when I looked like I was carrying a grapefruit in my sock. A trip to the ER got me an air cast and stay off your feet instructions. Turns out that was a good idea because putting any weight on my foot was excruciating for about two weeks, then I sucked it up and started walking again. The swelling is still there and this happened in July, but it is scar tissue that my physical therapist has been trying to break up in all my PT sessions. I will be running again shortly. I am also getting very good at catching bouncy balls on one foot.

Speaking of running, not being able to do intense cardio during the last TFL cycle was kind of depressing, but I didn’t gain and weight or inches, I completely maintained, thank goodness!! I will be starting the running process all over again with the start of cycle 4 next week. I miss the structure of my daily emails and I still can’t handle anything too sweet! How’s that for breaking a multi-generation sweet tooth?! I plan on starting off with 5 days of boot camp just to get back in the habit.

I have kind of slacked the last few weeks because, well, frankly, the weather sucks and I am feeling very lazy. So lazy that school has been in jammies most of the time, and very forced. None of us wanted to do school when there is tea and coffee to drink, books to be read, naps to be taken! We have forced ourselves to stay mostly on track. I am finding that I am fighting a losing battle with my girl though. She is not a bad kid, not a bad student, has no learning difficulties, other than being straight up stubborn! Basically, she is a mini me with one huge difference. Faith likes being around people, she loves to socialize, to be in a setting with people. I crave quiet and solitude. I would have loved to have been homeschooled! Make me work for a couple of hours then I can spend the rest of the day crafting and reading? Yes, please! With this in mind, Faith is not me, so we have this scenario almost every day.

I have just finished much reading about our topic of the day and begin to ask review questions. Faith asks a question that is 100% off topic, I answer and turn us back to the topic at hand, Faith interjects and runs off on a tangent. I start to lose patience, Faith decides it is a great time to go sharpen EVERY PENCIL WE OWN. My right eye starts to twitch slowly. I get everyone back on task, eye stops twitching, and we finish about a third of our school work. Faith gets stuck on something- or gets bored- and starts to push mommy’s buttons, first with much attitude in her voice. WHY do I have to rewrite this? I don’t WANT to do this in my best get the idea just rude in general. I correct the attitude, try to explain it in different terms and she interrupts every other word…eye twitch comes back. Now, in addition to rudeness, she has turned on the drama! Oh, the drama! Now it’s tears running down her face, I just don’t understand this! (She was doing it on her own with no issues the day before) It’s too hard (The other day- this is so easy, can we move on?) why are you making me do this?! So she ends up with a tear streaked, snot nosed face, my eye is twitching so bad you’d think I had some sort of mutant superhero power and my words have vanished, I growl through clenched teeth. We continue the back and forth until we have struggled out way through the rest  of the school work. She doesn’t fight me on one subject, it’s like a random subject each day. I dread English thinking- great here comes a fight- no, she breezes through it no problem. Math- totally unsuspected sneak attack- the day before she was on a roll, math is easy, I love math…today…apply those brakes, baby! MATH IS TOO HARD!  Stop the ride, I want to get off.

By the time Tim gets home several hours later, I am no longer speaking but growling as I try to get dinner together and get the kids ready for various activities. To top it off Faith will skip over to him and just prattle on about how much she LOVES her new english and math because it is SOOOOO easy while Tim looks at the “slightly” twitchy, growling, coffee guzzling lunatic in the kitchen, wondering how we can have such varying opinions on the day. Then, I suspect, he flashes back to the morning I came charging up the stairs, roaring like a lunatic because Faith and I seemed prepared for a battle royale over some subject. (He woke up very quickly, possibly in fear of a pending zombie attack.) He will sweetly comment, man I think she should go to school, don’t you? Force choking…one day it will happen.

This, my friends, is an almost every day occurrence in the Latvis school day. We push on getting work done, arguing over guitar practice time, when can I have lunch, I need a snack, and lots of reading, writing, and ‘rithmatic. It isn’t pretty some days, other days it’s a breeze!

The one constant being tossed up- Why did you make us leave Delaware? I miss my friends. Ouch. It is never easy to admit defeat. Were we right to pull her from public school? Yes, I think so- she was miserable and just hated school, dreaded the bus ride and was moved from the one pal she made in school. Is home school the right option for her? I am starting to think it isn’t. (I catch on quick, don’t I?)She is smart- super smart in my honest opinion. I just think she craves a classroom setting and wants to be in school with other kids- just not in public school. So, today I looked up the Christian school down the road and contacted them about enrollment. They are still taking enrolments, so we will see where it leads. The next time I pen a post ol’ Faithypoo might be in school where she wants to be. Incidentally, I think its safe to assume this would be a good idea because she was fairly dancing through the house at the thought of getting to go to school and wear a uniform.

What about Caleb? Well, he loves homeschool. He likes to get his work done, have a story read to him, have lunch, then go off and do Caleb things. He cannot wait to start co-op tomorrow, he is taking art journaling with me and messy science the second hour. Faith chose not to be in my class (which is 100% ok with me) and while she’s looking forward to co-op, she is just plain old not loving home school. Caleb will finish this year with me and over the summer decide if he wants to continue in home school or go to school with Faith (if she does end up applying and being accepted.) His exact words were- wait, so Faith will go to school every day and I get to stay in home school? Ok, that works for me.

Anyway…that’s whats happening around here.


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Hi. I am a wife, mom, reader, crafter, geek, and sci-fi nerd. Mostly, I just love Jesus and try to love others like He does.
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