Lord of The Rings, GGBC, Dad

We are celebrating the one year anniversary of the GGBC or Geek Girls Book Club. This past year I have read new books, skipped a few, and have loved getting to know my fellow geeks on Facebook and Twitter. We started out reading The Hobbit last year, which I read on our road trip from Delaware to Alaska (I actually read it in like 2 days, so thankfully I had a kindle full of books.) Now, we are reading Lord of The Rings and I am including my oldest. She is a pretty advanced reader for an 8 year old, we are also listening to the audio book so my youngest can venture to the Shire with us. The movies hold my interest, but for now, they are a bit long for my kiddos.

At the end of the month, we will be in Maryland for a visit, which is another post in itself. In short, the last week has been an emotional roller coaster for me. My dad is sick, and we are praying surgery will fix it and no other treatment will be necessary.If you recall not quite two years ago we lost Tim’s dad unexpectedly, so this hit us- me- pretty hard, despite my Dad’s cheerful optimism. Since we are in Alaska and my family is in Maryland, my husband, Tim, insisted the kids and I fly home. If you think of us, while reading LoTR, we’d appreciate prayer for safe travel and a successful surgery. In true Carmen style, I plan on finishing the book with a middle earth feast- I am sure my nephews in MD will love it, they know Aunt Carm is a little crazy.  (There WILL be lembas bread)

Thanks for a great year Nikki and Happy Reading GGBC!!


Here’s my Dad fishing at Bird Creek last year in Alaska, no we didn’t catch any fish- at all! Love you, Dad- see you soon!


About Carmen

Hi. I am a wife, mom, reader, crafter, geek, and sci-fi nerd. Mostly, I just love Jesus and try to love others like He does.
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One Response to Lord of The Rings, GGBC, Dad

  1. Nikki says:

    Thank you for the GGBC birthday greeting! So glad you are with us.

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