Reading Eggs Review

This is my first review, go easy on me! We were so glad to have an opportunity to check out this program, read on for more info. I hope you’ll find it helpful.

The past five weeks my 5 year old has been using a program called Reading Eggs. I was concerned at first that I would end up having to sit with him and explain as he progressed. I am so happy to say that I didn’t have to- at all!

Caleb with Lizzie (He loves Swamp People on History channel)

He started with an assessment that was actually very helpful. It placed him in lessons that were a challenge for him, without frustrating him. He jumped into his lessons right after that and never looked back. I have tried workbooks with him, phonics practice, sitting and reading pages with me- he hated all of that. He was very eager to do Reading Eggs. It was set up in a colorful, fun format with exercises that he felt were games. I liked that he was able to navigate the site on his own with very little help from me. He really enjoys feeling independent when it comes to certain things, the computer being one of them.

One of my favorite parts of Reading Eggs was the stories. Each lesson has a story and character, when The lesson is finished your child has read the story for it a few times. Then the program has your child go through and fill in missing words in a sentence from the story. Kids are given a word bank to choose from, but I would catch Caleb reading the sentence and remembering how the story went. What a simple way to work in reading comprehension!

Overall, I loved Reading Eggs. From Caleb’s perspective, it has no flaws, he loves it. I should say the only downside for Caleb was not getting to the castle for our review period. His sister was upset because she wanted to “play” as well, she is 8 and an avid reader, so I chose to let Caleb be the guinea pig this time. I will more than likely be subscribing both of my kids. The lessons get progressively more challenging as the kids learn. It is a worthwhile investment for someone like Caleb who is just learning to read. I have a feeling it would also benefit struggling readers. It is definitely worth your time to check out Reading Eggs.

This is one of the many other activities you can do on Reading Eggs. Caleb is coloring a picture in according to the color written.

I would like to thank Reading Eggs for the chance to review their program. They graciously gave us a 5 week trial for being part of The Homeschool Lounge review team. Please, check them out.


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2 Responses to Reading Eggs Review

  1. Amy B says:

    You did a great job! I hopped on over to your blog from The Homeschool Lounge review team discussion about following each other. I noticed you do not have a following widget on your blog. Let me know if you add one :). Let me know if you have questions about what that means. It will help your blog get more traffic. I am still learning myself :).

    Amy B in CA

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