Migas Melt My Heart

A couple of years ago I discovered a recipe that I fell in love with. Believe it or not…ok believe it, I get a lot of recipes from her, from The Pioneer Woman. Now, migas have been around for a while, You can find them tex-mex style, which is what I prefer, I blame my 4 years in Texas!! You can also find Spanish  or Portuguese versions- a very different dish altogether.

I never knew how to make them until I discovered Pioneer Woman’s recipe. I immediately had to try them, and in my rampant excitement for all new recipes I declared to hubs it was the best recipe EVER! Flash forward to 2012 and corn tortillas are now a golden ticket item I can have once a week. Heartbreak.

I am smarter than this, I have no idea why the idea hadn’t occurred to me before, make it in a way I can eat it! I sat here miffed because I really wanted migas this morning. It might have had to do with the huge flakes of fluffy white stuff dumping down on us. It could be that I just really wanted migas. You decide. I sat here thinking of the ingredients, peppers, onions, tomatoes, eggs, cheese, jalapenos, and cilantro. (At this very moment in time a lightbulb just flashed on and I suddenly remember I DO have cilantro! Darn it all!) I did not add any fried, crispy, delicious corn torillas. I instead made just the eggs, and warmed up a whole grain torilla and ate my migas with it.

In my version, I used:

  • 2 Eggs
  • approx 1oz shredded monterey jack
  • Sprinkle of dried chopped onion
  • less than 1/8 tsp minced garlic
  • 1 Green Pepper

I gently beat my eggs and shredded my cheese while the pan was warming up. In the pan I warmed about 1 tsp olive oil, when it was hot I added the green peppers, onions, and garlic. If I had fresh onions, I would have used a little of that instead. I let my green peppers cook for a bit before adding the dried onions- you don’t want those to burn, it is gross!

When my peppers were slightly blackened I added in my eggs, I also added a few drops of cholula hot sauce, so good! When I finished folding the eggs into the pepper mixture and it was cooked, no Randy Owens eggs here, I put it all on a plate, topped it with 2 tsp of medium salsa, a teaspoonful of light sour cream and shredded cheese. No, not a mountain of cheese, but small amount, just for flavor. I warmed up my whole grain torilla and – TFL friendly migas for lunch!

You could certianly add other vegetables, like onions, jalapenos, red bell peppers or even those nasty tomatoes everyone raves about. I know it is a weird food issue- I hate tomatoes, but I will eat ketchup, spaghetti sauce, chili, even salsa, just keep those grody red things to yourself, thank you very much! I have also served migas over beans, at the request of my hubs and kids I stopped making so many beans. Too much of a good thing? I love jalapenos in mine, just for a little heat, but I didn’t have any. It is a delicious dish when topped off with some cilantro, which I didn’t think I had. I realized while writing this I did have some, (which you may have noticed in the parentheses above) too late though as I already finished my migas, maybe next time.




That last picture makes you think it is a huge plate, right?! It isn’t. That is one of the small plates that came with my set. I have been using them a lot lately it’s probably about 4″ in diameter, just a guess.


About Carmen

Hi. I am a wife, mom, reader, crafter, geek, and sci-fi nerd. Mostly, I just love Jesus and try to love others like He does.
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