My Little Starkiller

Another Halloween has come and gone. This year I found myself feverishly working away merely days before Halloween, which is not my usual plan. I was so behind on my kiddo’s costumes, they weren’t hard but I was definitely not as motivated as I usually am. Maybe it had to do with the fact that I still haven’t unpacked my crafting supplies, just unearthed the few I have been using. It could have had something to do with the fact that we just started homeschooling and I am completely frazzled. I think that is probably it. I know they are both learning, but I feel like I am not “with it” My two semesters of childhood education at Mayville State in North Dakota did not make me a school teacher. That’s beside the point. I am here to show you Caleb’s costume. He is still a huge Star Wars fan (possibly because I am) and this year he wanted to be Starkiller.


Without his robe

For those of you not in the know- Starkiller is the secret apprentice of Darth Vader who used to be known as Anakin Skywalker, who also happens to be the father of Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia. You get all that?? Anyway, there are two video games and a few books that feature Galen Marek aka Starkiller. He’s quite a cool character and this is who Caleb wanted to be. You can Google him if you want pictures of his clothing. We picked Caleb’s favorite costume and I went to work.

With robe

I bought black flannel for the robe, karate pants, a really big thermal in a dark grey color, cream-colored gauze fabric, thick craft foam, and a belt from the thrift store. For the footwear we used Caleb’s BOGS boots. I ended up having to buy cream-colored gauze and dye it grey, the pants I hemmed to fit my guy, and his shirt I completely reconstructed. The neck hole is the only original seam left on the shirt. I made it a few sizes smaller than it was and shortened the arms. His outfit was pretty simple up to this point, black pants, grey shirt.

For his robe I ended up creating a new pattern. This was a robe that in the pictures looked to be one long rectangle that was fastened to create a hood. Maybe if Caleb was bigger that would have worked, but he’s small…very small…so I had to improvise. I made a huge hood and attached it to my long rectangle. My problem then was the head opening was so large Caleb could not keep it on his little shoulders. I added a couple of darts near the neck and solved that issue. I tapered the robe so it was narrower at the top and not at all near the bottom. The large hook and eye fasteners I attached at an angle then used a safety pin inside the robe to keep it in position on his shirt. There are no arms on this, so I guess it would be better described as a cloak. Either way, I like how it turned out.

His belt was a man-sized belt. I marked it to fit Caleb, cut off a huge piece of it and added one hole to close it. We put the original belt buckle behind Caleb’s back so the front was a plain piece of leather. To this I used some handy-dandy E6000 glue and attached the buckles I made from craft foam. I used a super thick piece and then a thinner piece of adhesive foam to create the buckles. A little bit of paint and some creative distressing and craft foam looked like metal buckles. On the underside of the belt I attached a triangular scrap of black fabric- it is sort of like the tabard worn by Ahsoka Tano and Aayla Secura.

To put it all together, he wore the pants, shirt, belt, black cotton gloves and gauze wraps. We wrapped his arms and legs with the grey gauze, I had to fiddle with these for a while and ended up attached small pieces of adhesive velcro to them to get the gauze to stay on. Then he put on his cloak and he was dressed. On Halloween we actually woke up to a bunch of snow on the ground- not what I was expecting. Halfway through trick or treating it started to snow while we were out, it has really started to pile up out there too!

Using Force Lightning

Cutest Starkiller ever!! (Sorry, Witwer)

This year was the first one we didn’t go out with Jenn, Justin, and Emi. We really missed our Halloween trip to Friendly’s for dinner and ice cream after trick or treating! Yes, he is wearing a Darth Vader beanie, he also had on the bottom half of his thermal shirt as a neck warmer and thermals, it was probably 20 degrees out and he was warm until he fell in the snow.



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