Faith turns 8

My oldest turned 8 this year. I remember moving when she was 2 weeks old to a brand new state, I remember leaving that state with a 4 year old and a 6 month old…man, have we come far in these 8 years! We had a party for my girl, her very first kid party, when we lived back east close to family she was lucky to have birthday parties with her family- all her cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents…everyone. Here we couldn’t do that, so she had her first kid party. Now- in case you didn’t know already- my girl loves Harry Potter. She is reading the second book right now and I haven’t decided if I will let her finish the whole series just yet, but so far it’s taking her about two weeks to finish a book. Anyway, she wanted a Harry Potter theme, so I came up with Party in the Gryffindor Common Room.

I made invitations…

Parliament of Owls

On the back of each invite was the location and a cutesy little poem, cause I’m crafty like that. It was basically “Come celebrate Faith turning 8.”  She handed them out to all 28 kids in her class, and her first AK friend in a different class.

I made Harry Potter treats, of the sweet variety!

Peppermint Toad

We all know peppermint toads are delicious…well…ok most of us know they are delicious! These were made with white chocolate chips and the candy melts you can find in any craft store. I added a little bit of peppermint flavoring and a few drops of red food coloring. Then I put them on silver doilies and sealed them in clear plastic treat sacks. The labels I made in MS Word with a HP font I found online. Super easy- very delicious, and minty!!

I made chocolate frogs.

Chocolate Frog

Frog Box

First Box

I used the same mold as the toads, this time they were chocolate though. The very first ones were solid chocolate- very hard to eat. My 5 yr old said it was way too much chocolate. Coming from him that’s pretty serious! So I made a bottom shell and filled them with chocolate ganache, then covered that with more chocolate. I let them set up in the fridge and then popped them out. I originally was going to make 28 of the pentagon boxes. I made about 6 of them before my husband gently reminded me that none of the kids were going to care about my HP movie inspired boxes, they were going to rip them open to eat the chocolate..and I agreed. I would have cried to see all that hard work tossed in the garbage. Instead I used gold pillow boxes, each frog was placed in a treat bag and them put inside the box. I added my witty label and bam, instant chocolate frog!

I made cockroach clusters…gross you say? I say delicious!

Cockroach Cluster

These are like bird nest cookies. I used potato sticks instead of chow mein noodles though. Salty, crunchy, sweet- the perfect snack combo! These I put on gold doilies and in a treat sack, the label was made with a creepy font I found online. So easy, gross factor was there, I had a lot of, “It’s not really made of cockroaches…is it?!” Not answering a kid after that causes some pretty funny reactions! They all took one though.

I made chocolate wands.

Chocolate Wands

These were super easy too. I dipped large pretzels in chocolate and tapped edible gold and silver glitter stars on them. In this cauldron I had the cockroach clusters and some wands. The wands were put in pretzel treat sacs, tied shut and decorated with red and gold curling ribbon, to go with our Gryffindor theme. Easy decorating and fun for kids of all ages.

I made Gryffindor House cupcakes. I had visited Darla over at Bakingdom earlier in the week, and Faith and I fell in love with this cake idea. Our problem was that we had planned on making cupcakes, last year I made her tye dye cupcakes for her birthday to take to school. I used that same idea inspired by Darla and created our Gryffindor cupcakes. One of these days I will find the perfect amount to put in a cupcake to make them not jumbo sized…but these worked for us!

Gryffindor Cupcakes

They were in gold cupcake liners, half were frosted with red, half with yellow. Sprinkled on top was silver and gold edible glitter as well as red sprinkles. The real surprise was inside the cupcake…

Secret Surprise

…each cupcake had a layer of gold cupcake swirled through it. They were incredibly good! I should know, I had three. 😉

I even attempted to find a phoenix to decorate with, but apparently that isn’t something you can find in a party store. I don’t recommend you ask if anyone sells them either, you get weird looks…not that I did that or anything. Instead I decided I would make a phoenix! How hard could it be, right?!

Faux Fawkes

Faux Fawkes Front

There’s a reason why God created animals and not me. In case you didn’t notice, my phoenix doesn’t have a beak. I plan on making him a gold one from sculpey this weekend. Nothing I had at the house (and that’s saying something) worked as a beak for this bird! I used Styrofoam from the floral section, glue, craft feathers and spray paint to make him. He was a huge hit surprisingly! Faith is putting him in her room when I attach a beak, she wants him perched on her bed.

Other party pics:


More Goodies

Bertie Botts...NOT

These jelly beans were such a hit! They say Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans…the secret is that I just used plain old jelly belly beans. I mixed regular flavors with sour ones, and they grabbed handfuls of them thinking they might get the infamous gross flavor ones that no one really wants to eat. If you get a chance to eat them try them, super gross but funny especially when mixed in normal jelly beans. Fish flavor…extra gross…so is earwax and grass…ohhh yeah, they’re all gross! These were not, I had them in a bowl all mixed together. Each kid got a chance to get a purple favor bag and fill it with beans, the bags were, yup, you guessed it, labeled with a stick on label. They loved these.

In the end, we had 12 kids of the 28 invited…and 2 random party crashers from the neighborhood. I kicked them out twice, I also made them wait until all of Faith’s guests had gotten their fill of the treats, pizza and had some for their younger or older siblings. I ended up having leftovers so the party crashers were invited to take some home. They did get a mom lecture about inviting themselves to a party, not that I think they actually paid much attention, oh well.

Happy Gryffindor

In the end, she had a fun birthday, we destroyed a pinata, ate pizza, drank (kid friendly non-alcoholic) butterbeer, ate way too much candy and went home very, very happy!


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Hi. I am a wife, mom, reader, crafter, geek, and sci-fi nerd. Mostly, I just love Jesus and try to love others like He does.
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