Change is coming

Another short post…I have been very absent lately. I blame unpacking, getting settled and my headfirst dive into way too many activities. The kids started public school on base. The first week was ok, Faith didn’t love it, she didn’t hate it. She missed her brother while she was gone and she made a friend. Caleb started school and he hated it. There were roughly 30 kindergarten kids in his class and they got in trouble every day, they had to put their heads down because of it. He didn’t like the noisy bus. Both kids joined running club, the only part they liked was hanging out with the other kids, but both very quickly started running 2 miles twice a week. I hope we can keep that up, Caleb is really fast! Faith is determined once she puts he rmind to it.

Then, about two weeks into the school year, while mom and dad were visiting, Faith handed us a note saying that her second grade teacher was moving to teach kindergarten because there were way too many kindergartners. WHOAH! What? So she was moved, away from the friend she had made and into a combination class 2nd and 3rd grade with 28 kids. You’d think I would be happy about that. I am not though, she doesn’t get to go on the 2nd grade trips which stinks and the teacher, though he is a great teacher, is teaching to the 3rd graders and trying to explain it so the 2nd graders grasp it. I have no problem with her teacher, he is one of the good ones, I have a problem with my 8 year old coming home and being in tears as she tries to get her homework done and she truly has no idea what to do.

Caleb didn’t get moved to a new class. His class was reduced by halfish, so now there are 18 kids in his class. I think it is still too many, and I think that other than him learning the ASL alphabet he isn’t being challenged enough. He can count to 100 already, write his name, memorize the dickens out of stuff- and he can color really well when he feels like it. He tries to do math with his sister so he does know some basic addition. I like his teacher too, she is one of those kindergarten teachers who cares a lot about the kids.

Well, that is great, Carmen, so what are you trying to tell us? This, after prayer, talking to the kids, watching Faith struggle and get upset, seeing Caleb search for more work to do when he gets home- we have decided to pull them out of school. We are going to homeschool. It has been on my heart and mind for a while to make the switch but I have been reluctant to bring it up. Tim had this image of weird, unsocialized kids- but after hearing the kids walk him through their school day he changed his mind. They’re not socializing in school, Faith doesn’t even see her friend she made in her first class now that running club is over. They both had made buddies at church and Faith has several gal pals at American Heritage Girls who she bonded with at camp. I found the local homeschool group (and its on base!!) so we are eager and enthusiastic to begin. That was the whole point of my not-so-short post! 🙂


About Carmen

Hi. I am a wife, mom, reader, crafter, geek, and sci-fi nerd. Mostly, I just love Jesus and try to love others like He does.
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