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Roadtrip is over!!! We finally arrived in Anchorage, taking July 15-July 19 to get from Tacoma, Wa., all the way up here. Let me tell you, traveling with 2 kids and 2 dogs in one Honda Pilot with a roof carrier, wow, crowded. I won’t write a whole lot, because well, there isn’t too much to tell. Day One was Tacoma to Cache Creek, British Columbia; Day Two Cache Creek to Dawson Creek, Day Three Dawson Creek to Watson Lake, Day Four Watson Lake to Tok, Alaska, Day Five Tok, Alaska to Anchorage, Alaska. We saw lots of bears, elk, goats, bison and though I didn’t get a picture, a fox, and today we saw a mama moose and her baby. It was awesome to see all the animals.

Tomorrow we are hoping to go pick up Tim’s truck from the vehicle shipping place and go check out a few houses. It is about a 40 minute drive to Anchorage from Palmer/Wasilla- but I think it is worth the trade off, there are surprisingly a LOT of people in Anchorage. Tim and I are definitely not city people, I think we definitely need the room to spread out a little. To those of you who enjoy the hustle and bustle…it’s all yours, you are braver than I am!! 🙂

Pictures from Washington to Alaska- Enjoy!!!

Seattle as we drove past

Abbottsford, BC heading towards Cache Creek

There were 7 tunnels along the route

Sage Hills Motel, Cache Creek, BC- awesome place, pet friendly very nice owners!!

On our way to Dawson Creek, BC

The critter on the sign was a cross between an elk, caribou, moose, deer….possibly donkey 🙂

Entering Dawson Creek, BC

Dawson Creek, BC to Watson Lake, Yukon

Apparently we missed the daily Sasquatch crossing, so we took a pic of the statue instead. 

Billy goats gruff? There were a few more on the road in front of us too.

Quick rest stop

Finally stretching their legs

Bison mama and baby

They were just enjoying their dust bath

Why, hello, black bear!

Another one…we turned around because he was photogenic.

Sign Post forest in Watson Lake area

I believe they said there were over 70,000 signs here as of 2010

What are the odds? “Never tell me the odds” Who said it?! Anyone???

Herd of horses

We stopped to take a look at this…Caleb was passed out sleeping so he didn’t see it.

Road tested- best ride ever!!!

WELCOME TO ALASKA- except the border crossing was still 30km from this spot…or was it miles? Too many hours on the road to could have been either. We were just glad to see the sign!!

Does the road EVER end?!

Pilot vehicle to lead us around all the gravel roads 

Hello glacier!

Yeah, that is the road…still going…

This was the best sign EVER….
Miles Dover AFB to McChord AFB- 2,877miles over the course of 6 days (we left from Ohio actually)
Miles from McChord AFB to Anchorage, Alaska- 2,306 miles in 5 days equals a grand total of 5,183 miles.
I have more pictures. Lots and lots more pictures, I will figure out how to put them here or on a flickr feed so you can see them. One more Washington blog post to follow- our ummm “sightseeing” trip to Mt. Rainier that just wasn’t! Long drive, no views. Thanks to everyone who prayed for us and with us, we were blessed with safe travel despite a couple of close calls with the crazy semis and the random RV who stopped for a bear photo. 
We will be catching up with Keri Shoemaker and her family in the near future, luckily she is here in Anchorage and pointed us to a hotel for tonight. Tomorrow we check in on base- until Aug 1- then we have no idea where we will be. My mom and dad will be here Aug 24- and I am hoping we will have found a place to live before that, Faith starts school Aug 16, somewhere. I am thinking of starting a different blog- one reserved for all of our Alaskan adventures. What would you all like to see? Thanks to everyone who followed us on our journey, I promise there will be more to come.
God Bless!
Tim, Carmen, Faith and Caleb

About Carmen

Hi. I am a wife, mom, reader, crafter, geek, and sci-fi nerd. Mostly, I just love Jesus and try to love others like He does.
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2 Responses to The Latest and Greatest…

  1. Three B's says:

    WOW! Awesome updates Carmen! You sound so relieved. I bet the the kids have learned so much too 🙂 You all are a testimony of the Grace of God….how long have you been on the road? Like 2months? What a wonderful experience!
    Now the next chapter begins, 'Settling In' and before ya know it, it'll be time to pack it all up, and do it again~ lol!
    ♥ you~

  2. Carmen says:

    Beth we are so glad to not have to drive for another 6-14 hours!! We start looking at houses tomorrow, we have to pick up Tim's truck this afternoon, definitely glad to have more than one vehicle once he starts inprocessing for work. I have learned that it sucks moving kids across the continent when they've formed friendships, the move has been hardest on Faith- so she acts out accordingly which tests all of our patience…hmm I sense a blog topic coming on! LOL I just might have to do a mini feature on everyone and how they've perceived the move so far. Love to you guys!!

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