Still in Tacoma

It has been pretty uneventful for the last two weeks. We had our trip to Forks, we finished our stay at the Red Lion Inn. We are moved in to the last hotel required for our Washington adventure. Thankfully, it has a kitchenette- two burners and a microwave. The beds…eh, not everything can be perfect right?! The kids are doing pretty good; Caleb has adjusted to this gypsy life rather well as have I. Faith, not so much. She misses her friends terribly and I can’t say I blame her. I don’t think at seven I could have handled moving across the world especially when she had her aunts and grandparents and cousins right at her fingertips. She is really looking forward to getting to Alaska and getting her OWN room as she has repetedly reminded us. She wants a no Caleb allowed area, but we won’t agree to that.

This is her, YOU ARE MAKING ME CRAZY face

Caleb wants me to make his bed look like a Jedi cruiser- Faith wants me to recreate Hogwarts….not so sure how that is going to go. We have been looking for places to rent, not having too much luck since we do have 2 large dogs. Most of the places we’ve liked have had a one dog policy or dogs under 30lbs policy- my dog food weighs more than that. The kids are saying, Oh just write a check and buy a house! Oh if it were only that easy. We are looking at places, if the right place presents itself we might buy, if not we’re still looking to rent. We do have a great realtor in Wasilla who is sending us both types of listings, I am hopeful we will find something quickly when we get there.

He just has such big eyes

…even when making a goofy face.

They get along…at least part of the day.
Despite Faith’s attitude lapses and occasional conniptions, all is well. We are all doing ok and in all honesty, ready to get on the road and get to Alaska and be done already!! More updates to come…

About Carmen

Hi. I am a wife, mom, reader, crafter, geek, and sci-fi nerd. Mostly, I just love Jesus and try to love others like He does.
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