Days 6-7 Missoula to Spokane

I know it has been a while, but here are a few updates now that we finally have decent wireless!!

Our travel day from Missoula was fairly short. We finished driving through Montana, drove through Idaho (can’t forget Idaho even though I totally forgot we’d drive through it to get to Washington, geography was never my strong subject) and ended up in Spokane; pronounced SPO-CAN, just an fyi. We spent two nights in Spokane, why? Our friends Shane and Christy Tuck and their kids Nathan and Maris live here that’s why. We worked together on the flightline in Grand Forks, moved to the same street on base housing and had a generally good time hanging out in our row of houses back in the day. Not just the Tuck and Latvis family, but the Himels as well. We had Dave and Heather Edwards across the street. Good old Redwood, can you imagine if we had all stayed there? The neighborhood kid gang would have 8 kids whose parents had a cookout just about any day it wasn’t snowing- and in the snow their dads would have snow football games. I’m off track- anyway, we spent a day and a half hanging out with the Tuck family. It is always great to see old friends. Here are a few pictures.

Here was our view, there was still a LOT of snow on the mountains.

Pouring rain as we drove through Idaho, it was crazy since the road was pretty winding and twisty.

Tim was complaining he couldn’t gawk and drive…so I took some pics of the sites!! (Actually there are quite a few pictures of the road and the side of the road, bet you didn;t know pictures could be sarcastic did you?!)

About to cross into Washington…..

We successfully drove from Delaware to Washington- with both kids, both dogs and both parents!!! I think that is an accomplishment.

Our visit the first day was with Christy and the kids, we went out to eat at the Rusty Moose, so appropriate since we all used to love the Blue Moose in East Grand Forks, MN! On to the cute kid pictures…all four bonded pretty quickly since it was the first time they had met. Nathan was three I think when we saw him last and Maris was still a baby. I was pregnant with Faith…yeah it was THAT long ago!

Crazy kids wanted to climb the moose.

Faith and Maris

Caleb’s turn

The boys strategizing over LEGO Star Wars III

Faith even lends a hand.

This is as still as the four of the got for the next 24 hours…constant motion!
The next day Shane and Christy took us to a park- the kids slid down a giant wagon, rode an awesome (really really fast) carousel, chased geese, had freshly made doghnuts, saw a neat water fountain, walked across some crazy water, went in mall that was several stories high, had delicious pizza and literally crashed the moment their heads hit the pillow that night. When we were younger, bed time for us would be anywhere between ohhh midnight and 2am…with all the time changes and driving Tim and I were falling asleep by 8, we’re the life of the party!!!  By the time we all got back to the hotel around 10 it was really hard to get up the next day.
Giant wagon, just like I said!

By the end of the ride, Caleb was hanging on for dear life, that carousel was FAST.

Goose chasing, whole new meaning to duck, duck, GOOSE!!!!!!!!

Tim and Shane leading the way.

Crossing the water and getting splashed

The fountain, on the way back there were a couple of kids in rain coats running through the smaller fountains. It was pretty comical. No, I didn’t let Faith and Caleb run through them.

Silly kids…this was just as we were walking through the trails.
Later that night we went to the Steamplant for dinner, it was a pretty neat restaurant, Christy and I had the salmon, and it was delicious! The guys each had unique salads- our waiter was very confused, he looked like he wanted to give us the salads, and proclaimed it was the first time he served the men salads and the women actual meat and potatoes (even if it was salmon.)
The following morning we had to head to Tacoma, so we headed back over to Shane and Christy’s for breakfast. There is nothing better than a home cooked breakfast, eggs, potatoes, toast, and we contributed some fresh Krispy Kremes!

Photo by Maris, she did a great job, didn’t she?!

More silly shots

Photo taken by Maris

Pretending to be camera shy

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