Day Five- Billings to Missoula

Another picture adventure! These were all taken with my phone, just as a side note.

Snow capped mountains in the background

Uh-Oh…35 Mph

This doesn’t look good…

Water covering the road

And smooth sailing again…until 30 miles down the road or so…

This one was worse…

That is the eastbound lane above us

Yeah…eastbound 90 was closed, they were diverting traffic, but no idea where.

Driving into the mountains

At the highest point we had snow, sleet and it was 33 degrees!!!

Once we got to Bozeman, Mt we found a Starbucks…not Dunkin, but it was much needed coffee!!!  We finally got a rest stop to let the dogs out and man it was pretty chilly!!  Dad said it was close to 90 in MD today, so we were grateful for our beautiful but chilly weather! We also got to skype with my mom and dad today finally, some technical issues, but we got it worked out mostly. Md peeps, they are having mic issues so if anyone can figure out why they couldn’t transmit that would be awesome. My mom apparently even sent a text message!!!  Wowza!! I think she sent it to my old phone though, but it’s ok, maybe we will get them hooked up with some iPhones for Verizon and we can facetime and skype…technology really can be great!
Tomorrow we head to Spokane, Wa, we are spending Memorial Day retro style…well retro Grand Forks style, hanging out with Shane and Christy Tuck and their kids, Nathan and Maris!  We are sooo excited!!!

About Carmen

Hi. I am a wife, mom, reader, crafter, geek, and sci-fi nerd. Mostly, I just love Jesus and try to love others like He does.
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