Day Four- Bismarck to Billings

….Yup the pictures tell the story today 🙂
We are pretty tired and have changed time zones twice. Tomorrow we head to Missoula, Mt. The driving was decent, a 75mph speed limit will help that out, and we didn’t have too much traffic.
The view leaving Bismarck, Nd.
A few hours down the road…
Still driving…
Ohhh, rest stop!!!
The Painted Canyon
It is beautiful!!
The attempt at hiking…
Photo taken by Faith
This was taken at a rest stop that is part of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. You could see evidence of bison everywhere…lots of patties and fur. It was interesting trying to keep the kids from stepping in them or the dogs from rolling in them. We then decided to hike on the 1 mile trail- however Tim learned the hard way that it was just too muddy!
He slid down one of the trails and ended up with a handful of…let’s call it mud, because that’s what we all hoped it was! We trekked back up to the car and headed on down the road to Billings. Once in Montana we could see lots of flooding from the rivers. Here is a view of what we saw.
Keep all the people affected by the tornadoes, floods and severe storms in your prayers. It has been on our minds how blessed we are to have avoided this bad weather during our travels and we are so grateful for all of your prayers for our safety during the trip!!

More tomorrow, I will leave you with a few other sights from the car.

This just made me laugh.
Where the deer and the antelope play…
Owen, this last one is for you buddy!!  We loved talking with you guys today via facetime!! It was awesome to see the nephews and niece and let all the kids talk. We also talked to Nana on skype, just have to catch my mom and dad at a decent hour!

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Hi. I am a wife, mom, reader, crafter, geek, and sci-fi nerd. Mostly, I just love Jesus and try to love others like He does.
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