My Latest Crafty Project

I was recently in the Harry Potter craft swap on to see the gallery of items. 

Anyway, here are the projects I sent.  One of them I really wanted to keep for myself…it was the first time that I had made such an item and I loved how it turned out!

This is the gryffindor scarf first seen in Prisoner of Azkaban, it is to date the knitted thing that took me the longest to complete, and sadly it is half as long as I wanted it, but it’s almost 4 feet long.  It was knitted in the round using Crafty Andy’s pattern from  sidenote: Check out the site, there’s a ton of patterns and such, I love it!
These figures are the Weasley twins Fred and George, my swap partner liked them along with Professor Snape, and I wanted to send her something different than my usual sewn items.  I was inspired by a craftser post- the originals are much better crafted since my specialty is really sewing, but I think they turned out pretty good! (Artful’s post on craftster
I used the yarn leftover from the scarf I knit to make the Weasley’s scarves.  I also added robes to them, robes add drama, I felt it was necessary.  🙂
Fred and George
Professor Severus Snape

This one was a last minute idea that came to me when I was in AC Moore.  It was inspired by the time turners seen in the HP movies.  I named it a memory turner.  The charm and chain are from the swarovski line, they look awesome together and I like the gold silver combo colors.
This next item is one I had some difficulty with, but I think turned out decently.  In my hand I am holding a dragon egg.  I had a real egg that I had emptied of it’s yolk and oven dried after I cleaned it.  I intended to cover that egg in polymer clay and bake it.  Next time I need to check the size of my dragon or find a bigger egg.  Instead, I made an odd shaped ball of foil and wrapped that with polymer clay, added the “hatching” lines and baked it.  Then I used some liquid leading (no actual lead in the product) it was originally used to make a fake stained glass window on my house when we lived in Texas and our view was the brick wall of our neighbors house.  Then I spray painted the egg gold, painted silver over the top of the lines, aged it with some black, which I wiped off.  I covered the whole thing in a glittery concoction and then sealed it with a spray on high gloss sealer.  I think it looks almost egg like.
Inside was my hatchling.  I did say that I am just learning polymer clay right?  I had to redo the head a few times, my SIL said the first version looked like a schnauzer (it really did, a schnauzer with wings even) so I redid the head and I was happy with the final snout and all.  I painted some silver accents and used pink seed beads for the eyes.  The wings I painted with just an opaque glitter paint, I like the sparkly sheen it gives the wings. 
Here’s baby dragon up close. 
This item, I did not want to give up!  I bought a $0.10 book off the library cart, and please don’t anyone freak- I tore that bad boy up.  I glued together stacks of four pages and then tore out the following eight pages.  I then painted them with acrylic paint.  Once all the pages were painted I gathered my recipes.  Some of the recipes I found online via many different HP websites and blog posts; some of the recipes are from my own cook books and the like.  I printed them out in different handwriting style fonts and used very strong brewed tea to age the pages.  I also tore the pages up and crumpled them to give them an old look.  I used mod podge to stick them in the book and then covered them with another coat of the mod podge.  Over the next few days while those dried, I scoured the internet for HP related pictures and pictures of the foods in the recipes, or ones as close as I could find.  I printed them, cut them out and secured them to the appropriate page.  From there I kind of just let my imagination take over, and placed some scrapbooking items and HP pictures on the recipe pages, once the glue was dry I sealed them with mod podge.  I didn’t have a few days to stand this one up and let dry, so I put wax paper in between each page to keep them from sticking together while it was in the mail.  I want my very own recipe book now…so I think I am going to have to make one.  I can’t tell you how fun making the book was!   Enjoy a few of the finished pages!
Movie crafts, book crafts…some of my favorite things!!

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Hi. I am a wife, mom, reader, crafter, geek, and sci-fi nerd. Mostly, I just love Jesus and try to love others like He does.
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