Padme …please excuse the frizzy!

**Forgive the pictures, I prefer being crafty in the background, not photographed… 🙂

Finally- the last costume…for this year anyway! I was Padme Amidala– the mom of Luke and Leia- fitting isn’t it?! Anyway, on with the details. I had originally dyed leggings in the rusty orange normally made for this costume, my darling hubby though encouraged me to make different pants. The ones I ended up wearing are not color accurate, which infuriates me, along with the mismatchy browns on the gloves and gauntlets. This is the curse of a limited budget-boo! My pants are maroon polyester, made like sweatpants and tapered to fit inside the awesome old navy boots that I can now wear this winter. The shirt is actually an issued cold weather shirt courtesy winter issue Grand Forks AFB circa 1999!!! I shaped it to be much more form fitting, and had planned on it being cold outside. Weather, you could have cooperated, it was way too hot to be in a thermal. The black neck piece is actually a $1 ear warmer from Joann Fabrics that I opened up and hand stitched to the original neck of the shirt. The green flight vest I had to make from pictures off it had no pattern, and I found out that a dressmakers dummy would have been super helpful. It got to be rather difficult trying to fit and shape the vest to match up with Portmans from the movie, mine is nowhere near perfect, but it’s pretty good since I had no pattern. It’s green Naugahyde I salvaged from dad’s shop again and Velcro. The right side of the vest and the right shoulder open, the rest is sewn shut.
My hair looks like Portman’s from the movie- you can see that here:
It took me about 2 hours to do my hair the first time, and yes I put in hair extension pieces myself. I also made the tin pieces myself with an embossing kit from AC Moore and aged them with black paint. Hubby helped the second time and putting the hair on was much much faster! Two hours of wearing it though and I really started to get a headache. The gauntlets I made from craft foam. I wrapped them around my arm, large enough to slide on and off, but still tight enough to stay on their own. After I had the right design built up in craft foam I covered the whole thing in plaster and let it dry. I then painted them brown six or seven times, sealed them, painted them brown again and then aged them with black acrylic paint.
The belt buckle was a huge labor of love. It took me some time to figure out what to make it out of. This is the original. I had no idea how I was going to craft that buckle. So I turned to my new favorite thing- craft foam. I traced the design on paper, which I had sitting on my craft foam to get the general outline and all the swirly pretty designs. Then with a craft knife I cut out the areas that had to disappear. I used puffy paint and flower jewels to create the detail on the buckle and then followed this tutorial : to seal it, paint it and detail it. The Internet was my costume advisor this year. I don’t know what I would have done if I couldn’t have found so much helpful advice online. Anyway, I probably painted the buckle ten to fifteen times and finally aged it with a mixture of green and black paints. I sealed it with a shiny top coat and gorilla glued it to a belt buckle.

The only downside to craft foam…it isn’t very sturdy. If I wear this costume again I need to make a sturdier buckle.

My little Luke tore that bad boy off after we had dinner at Friendly’s after trick or treating. The belt pouches- can you guess what they were made of?! If you said craft foam, you’d be right!! They look like leather though so that’s ok.

There’s the costume recap! Questions, comments, ideas on how I can improve them?!


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Hi. I am a wife, mom, reader, crafter, geek, and sci-fi nerd. Mostly, I just love Jesus and try to love others like He does.
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