Halloween Update- The Countdown Begins

This costume has been through a LOT of dye…it was mustard yellow, then light yellow, then orangey, then salmon pink and now a darkish brown…and thats the final color, sorry Obi-Wan you’re not gonna be 100% accurate, however, I think it will look awesome when the rest is added to it.

My orangey brown/ rust brown pants, they are pretty close.

The gauntlet- I need to add texture paint and then the brown paint and they will be finished! Craft foam is an awesome substance…great base for making armor.

The belt buckle… I will link you to a photo of the real buckle- mines not perfect but for being craft foam, glue and paint I think its pretty good! http://padawansguide.com/fidm/dm39.jpg

Well I am in the homestretch! I have 38 days until Halloween…and about 31 if I think we want to participate in a costume parade at the beach. I dunno -what do you think?? The above pics are just pieces of various costumes. Overall I am happy with my progress.
Darth Maul- undercostume complete, need to make robe and order the makeup, bald cap and lightsaber.
Padme Amidala- pants, boots, undershirt, hair clips done; vest still needs to be made, gauntlets to be finished, belt buckle 99% done.
Luke and Leia- both complete and they look good!
Obi-Wan- undercostume done, needs Robe.
Aayla Secura- Robe needs to be done. She has pants and boots, however this Jedi has a modified costume since our Aayla is going to be a mommy and cannot wear the original belly bearing blue body painted costume we originally planned on. 🙂
Yeah I think I can handle it. It’s a little late now if I can’t though huh!! LOL Here are a few updated pictures- and if you know of any costume contests in the Delmarva/ Mid Atlantic area- please let me know. I have an online contest I can enter, I would like some live contests though.

About Carmen

Hi. I am a wife, mom, reader, crafter, geek, and sci-fi nerd. Mostly, I just love Jesus and try to love others like He does.
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